I Wonder Whether Schools Should Have Homework

When you are considering if schools should give homework, you have to take some many things into consideration.  What is the age of the child?  What kind of classes are they taking?  What grade level are they in?  The standard for homework every night is ten minutes per grade level.  I don’t like that they have time limits on how much homework should have a night.  If they need to do homework to learn something, okay but because of this teachers are assigning homework just to give it to them.  I’m pretty sure that most of the homework they assign isn’t necessary.

I do believe that once a kid reaches high school they should have some homework, a couple hours a night is more than enough but kids under the age of eleven shouldn’t have to do homework every night.  They need to be kids and most of their days are spent in school and then they have to go home and do more, so in some cases kids are doing school for twelve hours a day.  Imagine that you spend all day at work and then had to come home and do more, you probably wouldn’t be at that job very long.  This is the reason that kids don’t like school; they don’t see it as learning but as work.  Learning is work but it should be fun as well.  If a kid sees learning as a chore they won’t learn as well as kids that find it fun.

Should Schools Have Homework

  • All kids in elementary school should not have homework.  Kids in sixth grade maybe in fifth should start doing homework to prepare them for high school but younger kids need to play after school and have a break from school.
  • We need to look at the standardization of homework and look at some kind of reform to it.  I think they are relying on too much on how other countries teach their students and are trying to hard to implement that here.
  • Parents need to stand up and talk to the teachers if they have concerns about the amount of homework their kids are doing.  I’m sure you are not the only parent that is concerned about it.
  • Less homework means more time for family, friends, after school activities, and more sleep.  Having a good night sleep for kids can help them learn better in school.  Being up late doing homework defeats the purpose of learning the material.