Where To Look For Creative English Homework Ideas

English class is fun because there are so many learning options and opportunities. As a teacher, or a student who has to prepare a class lesson, there are endless amounts of fun ideas. Use our list if you are short on creativity but need a good and fresh idea!


  • Look at social media-your students can create a Facebook English page. The status can be about pages they read and the likes can be all of their favorite novels and short stories. They can work on it at home.
  • Advertising- advertise, make a bulletin board, for a novella and try to sell it to the class. They can create it as a nightly assignment.
  • Rap music-kids often think that poetry is stuffy and all the good pets are dead. Prove the kids wrong. Let them write a rap poem, school appropriate, about a short story they recently read. They can do this at home and read them to the class the following day.
  • Shakespeare-rewrite Shakespeare into modern day language using some of the slang that the kids like to use when they text. Lol. This can be nightly or weekend work.
  • Make a story book-younger kids still like to draw. There are some electronic tablet story makers that your students would love. When studying folk tales, have them write a fairy tale and put it together with the story-making app. They can do this in the evening.
  • Story time-have the group gather on the mat, provide snacks, and have them take turns telling a story from the book. They can pick their story and snack for a nightly assignment.
  • Cultures-have each student explore their specific culture and that culture’s creation myth. Then have the kids present the stories to class. Let the kids dress in their culture’s garb if they wish or bring a snack from their culture.
  • Have quiet read day-and they send the kids to their home to write in their personal journal about what they read. Then the journals would come back next day for a reading.

Creative English assignments are everywhere. And the kids can use their creativity at home. They can select one of these innovative ideas and put it together while they are not at school. The presentations can then occur in the classroom on the assigned days. Have fun while learning language arts at your house.