Homework ideas: why is it so important to do your assignments everyday?

Tedious activities tend to get cast aside for some undefinable point in the future. This is part of human nature. Most of use want to enjoy what time we have and we put off suffering as much as possible. Homework often counts as suffering. The best way to get acclimatized to it though is by doing assignments everyday. Here are some reasons why:

It becomes a habit

If you do your homework everyday it turns into a habit that you can rely on to motivate you when you just don’t ‘feel’ up to it.

Idle Hands

How often have you put off working on assignments in order to spend time doing something extremely worthwhile? Often, the time you should be spending doing homework gets redirected into something you shouldn’t be doing at all. By occupying yourself productively with homework you leave less of your day available for doing something you’ll regret.

Spaced Learning

By doing your assignments regularly rather than packing them all together into a single day you give yourself the benefit of learning gradually rather than cramming. This may not seem like much but your brain needs time to ‘digest’ ideas before you put more into it. The exception to this rule will be those with trained memories who have no difficulty putting new information into their long term memory in seconds. For every one else, learning a little bit at a time provides a better foundation for future knowledge to be added to.

Procrastination has consequences

Putting your homework off never seems detrimental in the moment as it happens. The most prolific procrastinators often come up with great excuses not to do the thing that obviously needs to be done. They may engage in intense bouts of cleaning, calling neglected loved ones or any manner of seemingly worthwhile tasks just to justify their inaction. The result is the same however. Deadlines are missed or just barely met with substandard submissions that belie their real abilities. The worst thing about procrastination is that it’s addictive. Every time you indulge you increase your likelihood of doing it in the future.

Most likely there are far more interesting uses you can put your time to than homework but one day, your future self will than you for your sacrifice.