School Homework Tips: What is your Ideal Time for Studying?

Let's start off, by saying that no one should ever start homework just a they get home from school. Bad idea. Take a break for thirty minutes to one hour, then start homework with a fresh mind. When one gets home, either driving home, or walking across campus, they are still too stressed from school to start working. In college some people meet in the café, and take a break, chat, and such, just unwind. This is a good practice to do. So let's talk about how to find the best time, for you.

  1. Schedule Time
  2. Work Schedule
  3. School Schedule
  4. Free Time Schedule

Schedule Time

When going to school, homework will be a constant, so scheduling is important to do. Looking at the time that the student has to work with, and what they need to do, is what will be used. Factors like work, school, free time, are what will set the schedule up. So to find your best time, it will start with a piece of paper, in fact two, and a pencil.

Work Schedule

Many students have to work while going to school. Even though they have grants, and many have loans, there is still not enough money to live off from. If the family cannot help, then the student has to go to work, and school. Take the first sheet of paper, and divide it into seven rows, one for each day. So on the first piece of paper, write down the work schedule for the week. Check and make sure all hours are accounted for.

School Schedule

Now that it is known what the hours of each day are for working, and they are down on the “Worksheet”. Now we look at the School Schedule. Look at what hours each class is scheduled. Write them down on the worksheet. So that both work and school hours are listed each day. This now tells the student what their free time is available.

Free Time

Now under each set of times, write down two sets of times; first, the time between school and work, second, between work and midnight. This is the free time. Staying up past midnight is reducing rest time, and that can cause issues. Yes, it sometimes has to be done, but try and break this rule as little as possible. The free time, is the time for homework, and for rest. This will be your best time to do homework. Allowing yourself enough time to get to work. Try to do easy work if possible between school and work, leave the harder stuff for later.