How To Organize Homework: Step-By-Step Instructions

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Homework is a chore and a boring one at that. But it has got to be done, so let’s discover a quick and efficient way to get it done so you can get to the more important things in life. Like TV or sports!

Jokes aside, homework is an important part of your learning so to get the most out of it, it is useful to be organized. Here is how:

  1. Diarize
  2. Get a planner or scheduler or one of those apps on your mobile or tablet that has calendars and to-do lists integrated. While at class, write down or enter into your app, all the homework you need to do for each class. Remember to jot down the submission date and any other important particulars such as the style of writing (APA, MLA), the length of the assignment etc.

  3. Get Organized
  4. Make a folder for each of your subject areas. Subdivide each subject area according to semesters, topics, chapters or however appropriate. Color-code the folder or its sub-divisions, if necessary. Diligently update the folder with each new assignment as soon as it is done.

  5. Get the Required Resources
  6. Think about what you will need to complete the homework before you get going. Do you have pencils, pens and papers at home? Will you need a book from the library or your locker? Get everything you need and get going.

  7. Relax Before You Start
  8. Do not start homework immediately after school. Relax a little. Have some food, drink some water. And when you are relaxed and comfortable, get to work.

  9. The World Should be Quiet
  10. While you work, there should be no distractions. That means no blaring music or loud television. No mobile phones and definitely no loud siblings. You should ideally have a study desk in your room where you can work in peace.

  11. The Work Process Should be Organized
  12. Do your easiest assignments first. If an assignment is difficult or large, break it down into small achievable goals and think about the time you need to complete them. Reward yourself with a pat on the back and a smile for completing each one.

  13. Take Breaks
  14. Take plenty of breaks to stay fresh. Stay hydrated. Work diligently towards each goal.

  15. Sleep well
  16. When you finish your work, have some fun. Then get a good night’s sleep because this process is going to get repeated tomorrow!