How To Help Kids With Homework: Ways To Make The Writing Process Interesting

It can be something of a relief when your children reach school age and head off to learn lie's lessons outside the home. For the first few years, this may require no extra effort on your part. Preschool and kindergarten rarely involve homework assignments or formal learning outside of school hours.

The day will come however, when the child unit comes home with homework. If you are extremely lucky, your super-smart daughter or son will head straight to their room to complete their assignment in record time (with no help from you). Top marks will be attained and jubilation and joy will be resonate throughout the household.

If you are like the other 99% of families, homework assignments will involve a little help and guidance from us parents. Bribery may be necessary. In extreme cases, you may need to threaten to withhold or restrict the use of i phones, mobile devices and computer gaming software.

To make homework assignments easier on the whole family, we've put together some tips to help everyone emerge unscathed. Here we go:

  • Encourage The Formation Of (Good!) Habits
  • Homework tends to get finished with greater efficiency and more effectively when there are fewer distractions present. Encourage your kids to have a regular homework session every day. Even if there are now new assignments that need completing, get them into the habit of reviewing the day's lessons for a few minutes every night.

    This will make it easier on everyone in the end. You do not need to pester your kids to get their assignments done, because it will become a part of their expected daily routine. Soon, they will get down to work with no intervention of your part at all.

  • Encourage Questions, Curiosity And Discussion
  • What are your kids learning about in school? What are their favourite subjects? What are their dreams for the future? And what were yours when you were their age? Talk to your children about what they want to know more about. Encourage them to write and read more about these topics. Their essay writing and other academic skills are certain to improve as a result.

  • Get Involved; How Was Your Day?
  • By taking an interest in their interests, you will be encouraging and supporting them as they complete their homework assignments. Help them make their written work more engaging by reading through it with them and making (gentle!) suggestions.

  • Make Them Proud!
  • When they come home bragging of the top marks they have earned, show them the praise that they deserve. As they learn to love to learn, their academic performance can only get better. Knowing that you are proud of their performance will encourage them to improve!