Where Can I Get Geometry Homework Answers For Free?

Geometry can be a little tricky at times, so you may want a bit of help by looking for somewhere to either check your homework answers or to get a bit more help if you are just finding it difficult to get as far as finding an answer. Ideally getting this type of help for free is a bonus.

You may have already checked with your friends to see if they can offer some support, but unless one of your friends is a genius at Geometry, you may be far better off trying out some of the suggestions that are below.

Ask your tutor if they would consider starting up a Geometry Homework group, that could support students that are studying different levels of the subject. Ideally the group would be supported by an expert tutor.

Have a look online to find a Geometry Homework help website. This can be done by picking out your key words and putting them into a popular search engine. You will probably end up with quite a list so you need to narrow it down a bit.

Some websites may offer free help. Do check right from the start which ones are free. If they are not free then discard them off the list. Ideally you need to look for a site that covers the curriculum that you are studying and at the level you are working at.

The site may ask you to open an account with them. If they are asking you to do this, a free site will only ask for a few details such as your email address (usually so they can send you updates) but they will not ask you for your bank or card details (if they do, they are not free).

What to look for on the website:

  • Notes that have already been prepared for students to enable them to refresh what they have learned in class.
  • Bite sized tutorials that cover the concepts that you are having difficulty with.
  • Videos with examples that will walk you through the process of solving homework problems.
  • A forum where you can post your particular problem in the hope that someone else can provide the answer for free.
  • Look for sites that offer an initial free 1-1 tutorial with a qualified tutor that can either talk you through the process or provide you with step by step instructions to solve the problem.

It is well worth trying out a few of these strategies.