Useful homework doing tips for freshmen

As freshmen, this is the first year that you have to be able to function at the high school level. High school is a lot different than junior high. Often times, students have to start all over at a new school where they don’t know their way around. The homework gets more extensive and more difficult. Dealing with homework after a day in a new environment with new rules can be very difficult. There are always thing that you can do to ensure that things are as easy as possible when it comes to getting all of that homework done. Here are some tips to help you out.

Helpful tips

  • Don’t study any one subject too long
  • Limit your distractions
  • Prioritize

Don’t study one subject too long

When it comes to studying for exams it is sometimes best to hop from one subject to another and then back again. Staying too focused on any one subject for a long period can actually make it more difficult to absorb. So while you study and do homework it might work best for you to start out with a few math problems, switch to history, then English and back again instead of one at a time. Everyone is different so this may or may not be the best approach for you, but you’ll never know until you try.

Limit your distractions

Again, what is best for one student does not always work for everyone so take this as you need it. Some people work best by themselves in a quiet room with nothing around to grab their attention. Other students study better with friends but in a quiet place, while some find music helps their process. Find out what works for you and get rid of all other distractions that could keep you from your homework.


It is often best to know what is going to take you the longest amount of time to finish and what is due the soonest. If you have an easy set of questions due in 2 days and a book report due in 3 days than you may want to put off the questions to start working on that book report since reading the book will take longer than answering the questions. Others however, like to get those easy questions out of the way and start work on the rest afterwards. Not every method fits every student. Just do your best to find the routines described here that works best for you. If one way doesn’t work try another. If you like getting the hardest out of the way first, then start there. Just be true to yourself and the way your mind works best.