How to Do My Homework Faster

Although most students realize that homework is not given just on a teacher’s whim but is a powerful educational tool, they are still reluctant to do it. They procrastinate and put it away for later, daydream and loaf away their time, and end up staying up late at night doing it. However, homework is not as time-consuming as it seems to be. In fact, it is thoroughly calculated and reasoned out. It can be done very fast if simple time-management skills are learnt. These skills are as follows:

  • Thoroughly prepare your workspace.
  • Ensure that the place where you are going to do your home assignment is comfortable, warm, isolated, and has minimal distractions. Prepare all necessary stationery beforehand likes pens or a calculator. Check if all books are on the table, all pencils are sharpened, and all pens have ink. If you do not follow this simple rule, you are sure to get distracted one way or another and lose precious time.

  • Have a snack before doing homework.
  • There are certain foods that help focus better such as coffee, chocolate, and nuts. Just make sure you do not eat too much or you will be sleepy.

  • Take breaks like at school.
  • Homework is not really different from classes at school, so follow the way they are organized at home. Make homework sessions no longer than 45 minutes, and take 15 minutes breaks between them.

  • Find a homework partner.
  • If you work with someone, you are sure to get through some tasks faster because the person can drop some hints on how to do them. This process is mutually beneficial; moreover you will be able to check the answers you get. You can use a phone or Skype to communicate with your partner, but make it a rule not to talk about things not related to homework until it is done.

  • Turn off your phone and computer unless you need them to do your homework.
  • Personal digital devices were designed to save time, but somehow it turned out that they consume more time than save. Turning them off will speed up your homework immensely.

  • Treat yourself for every piece of work you complete.
  • Let simple rules like “I will not play this new breathtaking computer game until I read this paragraph,” or “I will not watch a new thrilling episode of a TV show unless I complete this exercise” guide you through the whole process. As you know, motivation is the key to learning, so feel free to use this powerful tool.