How To Help Your Child With Homework: Useful Ideas

Nagging at your kids and forcing them to do their homework with threats won’t help them do better in school.  You want to teach them the right way to do their homework and help them when they need it.  Here are some tips you can try with your kids to help them become better students and will help them succeed with their homework.

Useful Ideas

  • Make a plan with your kids at the beginning of each school year.  Tell them your expectations but make them too high.  If you kid did bad in Math the year before and go a C as a final grade make the goal to be a B and then the next year they can work on the A.  Think back to the year before and remember what your kids stumbled on.  Why did they do that?  Did they stay up too late doing homework?  Did they not enjoy reading? These are easy fixes, like starting homework earlier or find a way to make reading fun.
  • Many studies have shown that kids do better on their homework if they have a schedule or routine.  This means doing right after school or after dinner.  The same time every night, this routine will become second nature to them and they will do it without thinking about it.  It is also good to let your kids take at least thirty minutes after school to grab a snack and relax before starting their homework.  But they should start a video game, watch TV, or get on their computer or they won’t start their work till later.
  • Keep track of your kid’s progress in all of their subjects and make sure if they are really struggling in a subject that you get them help before it’s too late.  You don’t want to wait till a few months before the year is over to get them help because by then they might not be able to bring the grade up in time.
  • Let your kids pick where they want to do their homework, this can be in the kitchen or a desk in their room but make sure there aren’t any distractions nearby.  This means no TV, video games, siblings, or a computer unless it is needed.  You might have to try a few different places until your kid finds the right spot.
  • Be there for you kids but don’t be overbearing.  Let your kids know that you are there if they need help but don’t hover over them when they are working on their homework.  If they have a question, they will ask you but they need to learn how to do their work on their own.