Solving 2nd Grade Homework: 5 Vital Suggestions

No child likes to do homework and they will drag their feet as much as possible in most cases. When students are in the lower grade ranges, it is a simple matter for parents to help their kids with homework. The work is what we understand, but each child needs to know how to figure out solutions for their 2nd homework themselves. Here are 5 vital suggestions for helping your kids get through it:

  • The generally accepted rule of thumb when it comes to homework is that each grade level should have roughly 10 minutes of assignments to complete. If it is taking your child much longer to muddle through, they are obviously not understanding the material. Talk to the teacher and see if they can spend some extra time going over the concepts with your child.
  • Helping out a little bit is fine (and pretty much expected of most parents), but that does not mean giving your little ones all the answers. Get them to work as independently as possible and guide them in the right direction by asking questions such as "What do you think?", or "How do you think this should be done?"
  • No teacher will send your youngster home with material that they have not been taught. Informing you that they have not learned anything like this at school is quite likely a tactic to get out of doing the work. It is essential that you do not become a teacher to your kids at home. While your way of doing things may get the correct answer, each teacher has their own way of explaining concepts and you could end up just confusing your child completely.
  • One advantage to having computers at home is that your child can get some help online when they are really stuck. Have them search for information about the subject they are trying to conquer and views some examples until they understand the processes needed to arrive at the answer. Online sources can be especially helpful in subjects such as math and science.
  • Textbooks and reading sheets exist for a reason, and they are invaluable when your child is uncertain of answers. Have them go back through the material that pertains to their assignment and read it again. Sometimes this is all that it takes to give them the nudge in the right direction they need to solve the problems for themselves.