How to do your calculus homework - help for starters

If you are a student who is new to studying calculus then you want to be sure you have a firm understanding of the concepts involved in every aspect of the subject. Simply being able to come up with an answer while on the surface is good, you need to consider the fact that you lack understanding of the subject. When it comes to sitting for an exam for calculus, you want to be absolutely certain that your understanding of the subject is first class.

Remember that calculus covers a wide range of subjects and involves a wide range of concepts. There are key concepts such as limits, the chain rule, Newton's Method, derivatives, integrals, the inflection point and more. Looking at these topics and concepts behind them can you honestly say that you have a firm and confident understanding of each one? Unless you have that understanding, you will struggle.

Remember that so many aspects of calculus are linked and understanding and working with one concept enables you to proceed with working and understanding other concepts. So your first task in tackling your homework, as a beginner, is to make a list of any concept in the study of calculus with which you are not perfectly happy.

As this is a homework activity you will most possibly be working alone. You will not have a teacher or a helpful fellow student to call upon for assistance. There are other resources particularly online to which you can resort for help. But your first step is to be absolutely clear about your areas of strength and your areas of weakness.

Get the foundation right first

It doesn't matter what type of calculus homework assignment you are working on, you must have the basics in place before you start. Look over the details of your calculus homework assignment and make a list of the things you need to achieve.

Now look at that list and divide it into two columns. One column will contain the assignment activities you can do with confidence and the other column will list any calculus assignment difficulties.

The aspects of work you feel confident about you can tackle immediately. The aspects in which you feel you have some lack of understanding are the ones you need to seek help for. Whether this is your teacher or professor, a friend or fellow student or an online website which deals with calculus homework activities, find the required help and obtain a strong understanding of the concepts involved.