Inventing An Excuse For Not Doing Homework: 8 Great Suggestions

It is better to do your homework when you are expected to than to make up a reason for not doing it. That should be understood immediately by all students. Still, this is the real world and sometimes you may not have your assignment completed on time. You may have an excellent reason that you just don’t want to share with the teacher or you may be a great student who merely made a very bad decision and would like not to suffer the bad grades that come with that. Whichever reason reflects you situation best, here are some suggestions to help you craft a better excuse.

Be realistic

Your teacher is most likely not stupid. If you say something to far fetched, he or she will become suspicious. Try to keep your excuse within the range of likely possibilities.

Keep it simple

Some things are realistic but complex. These include certain medical conditions or types of accidents. If you don’t know enough about either, you may not even realize when you say something that is easily determinable to be a lie.

Be consistent

If you claim that a relative has passed away, you need to remember to never mention that person as being alive again or you will have revealed your actions. Punishment may not still be a possibility but you might end up never being trusted again.

Include something embarrassing

If your excuse includes something people think you would feel uncomfortable revealing to them, they may be more willing to think you are telling the truth. A bout of diarrhea for instance will seem a very unlikely lie. It has the added benefit of making the teacher want to hurry away from the topic due to their own discomfort with the subject. This is a tactic that should not be used too often or you will be suspected of having a genuine problem. Worse yet, your ‘secret’ may end up becoming well known among your classmates.

Be vague

If you leave enough open spaces and just imply that you would rather not explain why your homework is late but that the reason is very good, sometimes people will just assume the worst and leave you alone. This is an option best left to very good students who generally hand in work on time.

These tips will work but if you ignore your homework long enough, you will be the one who loses out.