Too Much Homework Causes Stress: Is That True?

Homework starts about as early as school these days. That being said a great deal of stress can come from homework assignments as early as kindergarten. Students struggle and cry. There is anxiety before tests and a great fear of failure. In order to help alleviate this it is best to teach children different ways to minimize homework related stress and eliminate it.

The habits that are learned in the process can be applied throughout the duration of their career. To help kids out try the following tips:

  • Kids will often feel overwhelmed just by looking at their list of homework tasks. You can help them to divide and conquer their assignments by putting them all in a planner. A planner can help give children a list of the most important tasks as well as the small and large tasks. This can also be helpful if the child is working on their own and may not otherwise know where to start. So if all of the child’s homework is due at the end of the week then each day can be scheduled with several minutes of work for every subject. Conversely Monday and Wednesday can be dedicated to reading and spelling while Tuesday and Thursday can be math.

  • Writing down the things that need to be finished is a great way for children to manage their homework. It also gives them the opportunity to cross things off of their list when they are done. Doing this brings great satisfaction and can offer children the motivation they need to continue.

  • The reality of modern times is that children will not have time to do everything. Some after school activities may need to be canceled if the homework load is suffering. A child might need to move a few after school activities to next semester or try playing soccer next year.

  • Establish a routine. Children work better if they are given a few minutes to relax after school and play with a snack. Students who are given a thirty minute snack time during which they can play will focus better when they then get right into work. It is important to find a schedule that works well for the child and can be stuck to easily. If kids know when to expect homework time they won’t put up as much of a fight. That makes it easier for them to focus.