Great ideas teaching how to stop procrastinating on homework

Procrastinating tempts each of us, but here are a few tips to teach you not to procrastinate:

  • Avoid noisy environments
  • Start early
  • Form a studious study group

Avoid noisy environments

Your initial reaction to seeing a pile of homework is to go find your friends or check to see if anything fun is going on around campus. Do not give into this thought; do not even try to fool yourself that you will be able to do your homework while surrounded by a lot of noise. Select a quiet environment in which to work and your homework will disappear in no time. To achieve being left alone while you work on your homework make it clear to your friends that you have to study and turn off any electrical devices that will not be constructive in helping you finish your homework. This will help in minimizing the chances of you being distracted and procrastinating from getting your homework done.

Start early

When given a homework assignment you may think that you have all the time in the world to get it done, so why bother starting now? This way of thinking only leads to time slipping away from you and before you know it you have less than a couple hours to finish your homework. Getting an early start will make sure you have more time to finish your homework in a timely manner, as well as not be rushed to turn in a sloppy assignment. Starting early has many advantages; besides completing your homework with time to spare you will also then have time for more relaxing and less stressful occupations. If you need motivation to start early simply think about what you can do with a clear conscience once all your homework is out of the way.

Form a studious study group

Sometimes a person can complete homework better with the help of a study group to keep on track. Make sure that the members of your study group really want to study and not procrastinate, if one member starts distracting the others politely ask him or her to leave. Your study group must have the common goal of getting homework done, if procrastination or distraction happens then the study group is not doing its job. Change location or switch seats to minimize the chance of procrastinating when you really need to get your homework done.