American Politics

The United States of America is one of the largest democracies in the world with a strong political system. The United States of America political system is defined by The Declaration of Independence of 1776 and Constitution of 1789 documents. The two basic documents are very fundamental in defining the political system of America whereby The Declaration of Independence of 1776 document clearly states America as an independent political party. The Constitution of 1789 document defines a clear structure of the federal government. The United States of America is a federal republic with three separate and independent arms of government. The executive, legislature and judiciary are the three arms of the federal government in the United States of America that work hand-in-hand to ensure that Americans receive the essential services. The president is the head of the executive branch of the federal government who serves as the head of state, chief diplomat and commander-in-chief.

Americans conduct elections after four years and the president is allowed to serve a maximum of two terms. In order for a candidate to qualify as the president, one has to be 35 years and above, be a natural-born citizen of America and be a resident of the United States for America for more than 14 years. There are two major political parties in the United States of America such as the Democratic Party and Republican Party. The Democratic Party is based on liberalism ideology while the Republican Party is based on the ideology of conservatism. There are other political parties in the American political system such as Libertarian Party, Constitution Party and Green Party. Most of the presidential and congress candidates in the history of American politics are sponsored by the Democratic Party and Republican Party. The presidential candidate of each party is elected by delegates from different states.

The legislative branch constitutes of the Senate and House of Representatives. The Congress constitutes of the lower and upper chamber. The lower chamber is the House of Representatives with 435 members who serve for two-year term. Each member of the lower chamber represents congressional district and is elected through voting. Legislation is the main agenda of the House of Representatives. The Senate is the upper chamber with 100 members who represent a state. There are two senators from each state who are elected by first-past-the-post voting. The senate has the power to initiate and pass legislation. Another role of the senate is to impeach the president or vice-president. The political system in America is a major inspiration to many democracies across the globe due to its strengths.